Emco Campus


Students can continue to work remotely with EMCO Campus e-learning online system hence, learning can happen anywhere and anytime. Tutors can make use of the materials in classrooms, while allowing learners the flexibility to study when and where they want. EMCO Campus can help improve learner engagement and motivation through adopting a variety of skills and approaches which include videos, quizzes and interactive animations.

The approach of going beyond a simple “click next” training allows learners to retain their knowledge more much effectively than conventional text learning resources. Therefore, it enables learners to progress at their own pace and learning abilities. EMCO Campus is an accessible e-learning online resources enabling students to continue to work remotely along-side other online communities,  helping build online communities to support young people and school.


  • EMCO Campus can be used independently of Concept machines and control software
  • 4 courses teach all the basics of modern CNC technology
  • Attractive 3D, 2D graphics, animations, and videos
  • Working through the content and tests using learning folders
  • Authoring tool: individually creating content pages
  • “Learnmeter” displaying the personal course progress


  • Four courses are offered on the following topics:
  • Basics of Metal cutting technology
  • Basic knowledge of metal cutting technology for unskilled workers
  • Knowledge in conventional metal cutting technology Turning and Milling
  • CNC Machine operator
  • CNC Basis: System of CNC machines, Co-ordinate systems, Tools.
  • Operation and set up of CNC machines, first steps in CNC Programming
  • CNC Machine set-up operator
  • CNC Advanced, CNC expert: Conception of metal cutting procedure, Calculation of the technology data
  • Selection of the tools, basic knowledge of CAD/CAM.
  • CNC Technician
  • CNC professional: Operating and programming with regard to economic aspects
  • Planning of production, technology and process. Optimization of existing CNC programs.
  • Reduction of productive and non productive time, Quality assurance.

For the Teachers:

  • Creating learning folders for the course – Knowledge modules for the different qualification levels
  • Authoring tool – Individually creating contents pages
  • Learning folders and test questions – Distributing learning folders to specific trainees, students, learners and setting the test questions for each learning folder
  • Overview  – Overview of all trainees registered, of all tests taken

For the Learners:

  • Learning Folders – Working through the content and tests using learning folders
  • Presenting the Content – Presenting the content using 3D, 2D graphics, animations, and videos
  • Further readings and library – Additional contents per topic and overview of all available contents
  • Course overview and progress – Course overview and display of personal course progress
  • Learning, practice, test – self-control of the imparted knowledge – personal course progress, quizzes


Licenses Single – Multiple License available: 20, 50, 100
Operating system Microsoft Windows