ICUTWATER SMART Waterjet Cutters

Waterjet Systems

The cut W1 and W2 water jet systems are both equipped with granite-mounted highly dynamic linear drives. We offer a workshop and all rounder solution from EMCO. This drive form and the stable design enable high travel speeds and the maximum in accuracy. imes-icore has placed value on top quality workmanship, together with an excellent price/performance ratio. We also have micro-water jet cutting systems for high accurate cutting.

Water jet cutting with the power of water! *

* e.g. Aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, non-ferrous metals, composite materials, marble, plastics, glass, wood, foams and much more

The water jet is a universal tool for separating practically all materials. A high-pressure pump raises the pressure of the water to more than 6000 bar and accelerates it to several times the speed of sound. Thus, also foam/insulation material, textiles, foodstuff, rubber seals and other light materials can be cut. If an abrasive agent is now added, e.g. garnet sand, the micro-machining effect of the water jet with the accelerated abrasive agent now knows practically no limits for the water jet cutting tasks to be overcome. Thus, for example, also aluminium, steel, stainless steel, titanium, granite or armoured glass can be perfectly cut.

The non-existing thermal load and low mechanical load acting on the workpiece opens up new options for application – also beyond mass production. Due to narrow interleaving and small size of the cutting tool, the procedure concedes less material loss in comparison to other procedures – mainly at a higher speed and with a very good quality of surface cut.

  • Arbitrary contours are possible at all positions of the slab!
  • The quality of the cut, from quick and reasonable separation cut up to
    near-perfect cuts free of post-processing, can be arbitrarily determined.
  • No toxic vapours or smoke emission
  • Machining of the most different materials on one machine without changing the tool!


Advantages of water jet cutting:

• no thermal effects and low mechanical strain  to the water jet.
• Virtually burr-free cuts with the water jet system from imes-icore- little or no reworking necessary.
• materials to 120 mm thickness can be processed with our water jet cutting.
• Water jet cutting is suitable for almost any cutting application.
• Almost no material limitation, you can work on: plastics / foams, composites, wood, all kinds of metals, natural stone, ceramics
• water jet cutting systems allow “piercing” on any point of the work piece.
• water jet cutting systems allow environmentally friendly and  cost-efficient to work on the most diverse materials.

Operating principle water jet cutting head


Pure water jet cutting (Pure water method):

A high pressure water jet is used for separating material. The cutting head is CNC-controlled moving over the stationary work piece.

From disk material any 2D contours can be cut. A high jet speed and the very small jet diameter lead to a high local pressure load on the work piece and separate it. The pure water cutting is suitable for cutting materials of low hardness. The water jet machine uses only water without additives.

Abrasive water jet cutting:

On materials where the pure-water method reaches its limits, the abrasive water jet cutting method is used.
During abrasive water jet method the water is added a fine-grained cutting agent (eg, garnet, corundum).

After addition of the abrasive medium, water, air and abrasive are combined in the mixing chamber, bundled in the focusing nozzle and accelerated.
The result of this technology is a high-energy jet that cuts and separates materials of large thickness and a wide variety of consistency such as metals, ceramics, hard stone and glass for boulder work. abrasive water jet cutting is suitable for cutting hard materials.