Brooks Running brings prototypes to life with the versatility of the Connex3

Brooks Running brings prototypes to life with the versatility of the Connex3

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Jesse Owens, the famous American Olympic Track and Field gold medalist was once quoted as saying, “We all have dreams. In order to make dreams come into reality it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline and effort.” The essence of this statement is not lost on the team at Seattle based Brooks Running, who have seen their prototyping dreams come to life after the addition of Connex3 3D printer to their in-house prototyping facility.

Moving Prototyping Forward

Before committing to using in-house 3D printing technology for design validation, Kenny Krotzer, CEO of Brooks Running, admitted that their existing prototyping processes were not as efficient as they could have been.  This problem is not unique to Brooks Running, as design, production and manufacturing have needed to evolve quickly to meet consumer demands, thus a fresh approach to prototyping is taking hold. There was a time when organisations could outsource the prototyping process to a service bureau without much thought to the timing and efficiencies provided.  But as consumers have become more demanding and buying cycles are expedited by customer feedback loops and tighter purchasing seasons, the competitive advantage to owning every step of the process cannot be ignored.

Unique Complexities Transformed to Opportunity with the Connex3 3D Printer

Designing and building functional prototypes that feature a variety of colour and texture that can deepen the end use case is rife with it’s own complex challenges to overcome, especially in outsourced situations.  The Connex3 3D printer is a versatile professional grade, multi-material printer, and is perfect for mid-to-high-end prototyping applications that can meet these challenges. It’s a machine that allows engineers to create objects with ease and flexibility without overcomplicating the iterative design process.

Modernizing the Design Process

Check out our recent webinar titled Enhancing Design Productivity with 3D Printing, hosted by Sam Green, the marketing leader for Rapid Prototyping at Stratasys. He dives deeper into the seamless and effective ways to streamline prototyping processes with 3D printing. If you are looking at bringing all of your prototyping processes in house, or exploring ways that 3D printing can help you achieve a more seamless design to market cycle, this webinar will help you down the decision path that could transform your rapid prototyping organisation.


Article from Stratasys Blog AUG 30, 2017 4:36 PM CARRIE WYMAN