Carbon Design Engine software made available to all

Carbon Design Engine software made available to all

Carbon has announced that its Design Engine software is now available to anyone, following its move in March this year to open it up to all its platform subscribers.

The lattice software will now be made available for anyone to purchase in early 2022, regardless of access to a Carbon 3D printer. Carbon has demonstrated the use of its software with HP Multi-Jet Fusion and Stratasys Polyjet technologies, and advises Design Engine offers compatibility ‘with most common additive manufacturing techniques’ by outputting the generated lattices as STL files.

With broad accessibility to Carbon’s lattice-generating design software, Carbon hopes that designers will be able to automate the process of creating conformal, multi-zone lattices, dramatically accelerating the product development process.

Design Engine will be available in three tiers — Standard, Pro, and Enterprise — enabling engineers to choose individual or team-based licenses to fit their specific needs.

Pricing for Standard begins at $99 per month billed annually, while Pro runs at $799p/m. Enterprise is POA.

The majority of the key features are set to be found in the Pro tier of Design Engine, including the ability to tune multiple zones at once, integrating different lattice types, cell sizes, or strut diameters to create different zones of performance within a single part, using the same material.

Carbon says that its lattices can be optimised for a wide array of performance characteristics, including part volume and tuneable mechanical response.

“Creators are challenged with fragmented solutions and organisational silos that have caused friction, limitations on innovation, and delayed time to market. To successfully bring better products to market in less time, organisations need a platform that unifies product design, development, and manufacturing,” said Phil DeSimone, chief product and business development officer at Carbon.

“Carbon’s software suite, starting with Design Engine, aims to cover every step needed for companies to create products with superior performance while accelerating the time to market.”