• Upto 5 Controls available on 1 machine
  • Interchangeable control key board and integrated industrial PC with network and USB interface (front)
  • Thermostable head stock with high drive power and C axis
  • 12 x tool magazine with up to 6 driven tools
  • Synchronized main spindle
  • C axis with max. 1000 rpm
  • Programmable part collecting device
  • Various clamping device and tool holder packages
Emco Concept Turn 260 - Small Business & Training CNC Turning Centre

Related Software

  • ShopTurn & ShopMill work-step programming
  • ProgramGUIDE: G code programming, combined with cycle support
  • DIN/ISO & SINUMERIK high-level language, maximum freedom of programming
  • Context-sensitive help
  • Latest Fanuc CNC control including Manual Guide i
  • Contour editor, Macro-programming
  • User friendly handling by softkeys
  • Focus on key manufacturing
  • Programming with graphic display
  • 2D-graphic display simulation with autozoom
  • Modern user interface
  • Different languages available
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  • Integrated PC with 21.5” Touch Screen Monitor
  • Digital drives with high driven power
  • Extraordinary dynamics
  • Thermostability for highest precision and contour fidelity
  • Driven tools with high machining power for drilling, thread and milling operations
  • Many automation possibilities
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Work area

Travel in X/Y/Z: 160/ – / 510 mm
Bar diameter: 45 mm
Max. turning diameter: 220 mm
Distance spindle nose: 510 mm
Tool cross-section for outer machining: 20 x 20 mm
Tool cross-section for inner machining: Ø 32
Rapid motion speeds in X/Y/Z: 24/-/30 m/min
Work feed X/Y/Z: 0 – 15 m/min
Feed force in X/Y/Z: 4000 / – / 6000 N

Main spindle

Max. speed: 6300 rpm
Spindle nose: KK 5
Max. drive power: 13 kW
Max. torque: 78 Nm


Travel (automatic): 510 mm
Quill travel: 120 mm

Tool turret

Number of tools: 12
Driven tools: 6
Max. speed: 5000 rpm
Max. drive power: 4.0 kW
Max. torque: 16 Nm

General data

Dimensions (LxWxH): 2275 x 1790 x 1985 mm
Machine weight: 3300 kg
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