Creaform launches two reengineered versions of its 3D Scanning products

Creaform launches two reengineered versions of its 3D Scanning products

Spark – the latest version of the Creaform Go!Scan handheld 3D scanner

Both the Creaform HandyScan and its Go!Scan 3D scanners have seen ‘thoroughly reengineered and refined’ upgrades for their latest generation releases.

The Go!Scan Spark edition has been designed for product development professionals who need an efficient portable scanner to capture 3D data of physical objects anywhere.

Featuring four inline cameras for faster 3D scanning and colour acquisition, it has features an ergonomic design that allows for different types of hand positions, and weighs little over a kilogram.

Both models are launched in Europe in May 2019

Files are captured using 99 white light scanning lines, and is capable of capturing parts up to four metres in size using up to 1,500,000 measurements-a-second, before outputting them with Creaform’s Instant mesh to make ‘ready-to-use’ CAD files.

The HandyScan Black edition gets a blacked-out decal for its third generation of what Creaform calls its ‘patented metrology-grade’ scanner, and it certainly looks the part.

The specs are equally attractive – with four-times the resolution of the previous model, and three-times faster measurement speed and instant mesh, partly due to a larger scanning area that features 11 blue laser crosses that take up to 1,300,000 measurements per second.


The new HandyScan Black edition features a new hardware finish that contains some much improved specs on the inside

Weighing a straw weight 940 grams, it has a resolution of 0.025 mm and like the Go!Scan Spark, comes equipped with Creaform’s own VXelements software to produce CAD ready data.

Both 3D scanners receive their full European launches on 7 May.