Emcomat FB-3


  • Vertical milling head with swiveling unit
  • Safety hand wheels in X and Y axis
  • Control panel with clearly arranged keyboard
  • Covered spindle and carriage clamping
  • Gray cast iron machine stand
  • Swivel-mounted digital display
Emcomat FB-3 L | High Precision Universal Milling Machine
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  • Adjustable, long-life precision taper roller bearings for vertical and horizontal milling spindle
  • Automatic, continuous feed in X and Y
  • Integrated safety clutch
  • Compact, vibration-free gray cast iron machine stand
  • Tool maker precision to DIN 8615


The ND 780 is the successor model to the ND 700. With this display, Heidenhain sets new standards in user-friendliness and workshop-suited design. The ND 780 is specially designed for use on milling, drilling and turning machines and can be configured with up to three axes for incremental gauges. The monochrome flat screen monitor is an innovation for position displays of this class. It offers the operator comfortable options for navigating through a wide range of menus. Position values, dialog and input displays, graphic functions and the graphic positioning aid are shown extremely clearly. There are extensive online help topics available as well. The ND 780 was distinguished by the international Industry Forum Design in 2005 for his excellent ergonomic design and high quality.

The POSITIP PT 880 is a position display for hand-operated machine tools. Whether you manufacture single prototypes, replacement parts or small series, the POSITIP PT 880 helps you through all steps of the process with its clear menu on a large, easy-to-read color flat screen. When milling, the POSITIP PT 880 automatically compensates for the milling radius. The graphic start-up assistant assists you visually. Especially when 2D milling, the profile monitor shows your tool movements within the pre-determined tolerance limits. The magnifier function makes this possible even for relatively strict limits, while you keep an overall view in a second window.

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Work area

Travel in X/Y/Z: 300 / 200 / 350 mm
Distance spindle nose: 80 – 430 mm
Rapid motion speeds in X/Y/Z: 1200 mm/min / 1200 mm/min / manually
Work feed X/Y/Z: 0-550 mm/min / 0-550 mm/min / manually
Feed force in X/Y/Z: 8 kN
Clamping area: 600 x 200 mm (rigid angle table)
Max. table load: 50 kg (rigid angle table)

Vertical milling head

Speed range: 80 – 2200 rpm
Power: 1.4 kW
Tool chuck: SK30 DIN2080

General data

Dimensions (LxWxH): 1550 x 1150 x 1410 mm
Machine weight: 500 kg

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