Formlabs launch new tougher Tough 1500 resin

Formlabs launch new tougher Tough 1500 resin

Formlabs have launched a new resin in its range of ‘tough resins’ – joining the new existing materials already there (named Tough and Durable).

The new Tough 1500 resin is intended to produces parts that are both stiff and pliable with a decent resistance to cyclic loading – whether that’s connectors and fixtures or just plain old “people bending them up during design review”.

It’ll also be useful for simulating the mechanical properties of polypropylene.

Why Tough 1500? Because it’s tensile modulus is 1,500 MPa – a naming convention which Formlabs will be adopting in future resin releases. It’s worth noting that to achieve those technical datasheet values, there’s specific requirements in terms of post curing.


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