Importance of water quality in waterjet cutting

Importance of water quality in waterjet cutting

Waterjet operators are aware of the importance of the cutting system in their everyday operation, but many are not aware of how important water quality is for the overall performance of the waterjet machine.

Using high quality water will increase its performance and operational life. Impurities in water can create unnecessary wear on intensifier pump check valves and seals, HP lines, orifices and nozzles.

High concentration of dissolved solids causes accelerated wear of components and shorten the operational life. Hot water can cause erosion of the tubing and can damage them.

The ideal water composition should be free of hardness, reduced Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), and should be between pH value of 6.5 and 8.5 as recommended by the manufacturers.

As waterjet cutting is a high-pressure operation, the temperature of the water will be increased drastically, reducing the operational life of the spare parts.

It is recommended to use a chiller if the inlet water is more than 70-degree Fahrenheit to avoid overheating of the pump.

The water filters also play a key role in reducing the impurities and other contaminants into the system. The presence of iron content in water can be easily noted by the color of the used filter.

The presence of iron content in water can cause the premature failure of the booster pumps which has vanes made of composite materials.

By Ramkumar Vijayakumar, Garnet Arabia Company