See how our innovative machinery is helping with advances in the medial industry.

See how our innovative machinery is helping with advances in the medial industry.


The demands of medical technology on machining production technologies have developed as dynamically as the industry: it is necessary to meet the increasing complexity and individualization of products while at the same time meeting high price pressure and high safety and quality requirements.

EMCO is represented with its product range of lathes and milling machines in various subsectors of medical technology. The flexibility of the machines, their multifunctional use, digitalization and automation possibilities and above all a team of process and technology specialists offer a thorough analysis, production and technology consultation  and a selection of machines  for the implementation of the specified quality requirements and production times.

Whether computer tomographs, laboratory automation or centrifuges, there are a large number of product groups in the field of medical technology equipment that have one thing in common: they consist of complex components and assemblies that place the highest demands on machining production. A wide variety of materials and shapes are used, and high demands are placed on surface accuracy, dimensional and shape accuracy and reproducibility. EMCO offers the right solution with its extensive product portfolio and decades of know-how.

Machines of the HYPERTURN and MAXXTURN series enable the flexible use for individual production / batch size 1, tailormade for the respective patient, as well as the efficient series production of complex standard product components in complete machining with high repeat accuracy.

Narrow tolerances, perfect surface finishes and complex geometries are the core topics in the field of dental technology. In most cases, it is also filigree components that are used in dental turbines. The smaller EMCO machines of the EMCOTURN, MAXXTURN and HYPERTURN series are particularly popular here.

Hip implants, knee implants, tooth and jaw implants, as well as bone screws are selected examples of process solutions with EMCO machines. High-strength materials and also nonmetallic workpieces up to ceramics are processed reliably and economically in EMCO machines.

In highly sensitive pharmaceutical production with extremely high product safety requirements, the use of reliable, precise machines is a basic requirement. For a wide range of suppliers, EMCO machines are available from a single source with both individualized and standard automation solutions.

Scissors, pliers, scalpels, clamps, needles, etc. all medical instruments with high quality and complexity requirements. The production of these instruments requires specific know- how, since complex contours and clamping are usually required. This is where the flexible EMCO turning/milling centers and 5-axis machining centers find their typical area of application.