SMALL VOLUME. GREAT PERFORMANCE. CNC machining for the smallest of workplaces

SMALL VOLUME. GREAT PERFORMANCE. CNC machining for the smallest of workplaces

Introducing the Concept Turn 105

The PC-controlled 2-axis turning machine with table format not only easily fulfils all basic requirements for technical education and training but, also manifests the finest technology for industrial turning applications as well.

All precision components of the Concept TURN 105 such as headstock, slide, tool system, and tailstock are installed on a rigid, vibration-damping, grey cast-iron inclined bed.

Generously sized motors ensure high feed forces and acceleration values. Pre-stressed, backlash-free circulating-ball spindles and an optimum guide ratio for the slides ensure stability and precision. The control for the Concept TURN 105 is connected via PC, on which the interchangeable WinNC control from EMCO can be installed.

Work area

• Fully enclosed work area
• Large safety glass window in door
• Generous view of working area
• All-round protection against chips
• Best ergonomics

Main Drive

• Infinitely variable main drive
• Three-phase asynchronous motor

Machine Base

• With extensible drawer
• Provides space for PC tower

Tool Turret

• Disk-type turret
• 8 stations

Swivel table

• Extensible drawer for PC keyboard
• Arranged ergonomically


• Pneumatic tailstock
• Quill diameter 35 mm

The Interchangeable control

The unique concept of the interchangeable control can be fitted to all Concept machines. In doing so, the user is trained on all CNC industry controls that are common on the market. The result: All CNC technicians can be applied more flexibly. And this is a decisive plus: for qualified employees as well as for the business.

Easy2control: New operating concept

Optional it is possible to equip the machine with the latest Software of the interchangeable control, with which control specific and machine keyboards of the WinNC can be displayed on a 16:9 Full-HD screen – Easy2control. The different Panels for machine, control and quick access can be switched via tabs. The buttons and rotary knobs can either be operated by using the mouse or in case a Full HD touchscreen is used directly on the keys and switches on the monitor. To operate the software on the Concept machine a license dongle and a small machine control panel – “Easy2operate“ – is required.


• Clockwise – counterclockwise spindle rotation
• Industry-standard, stable gray cast iron construction
• Optimum guide ratio for the slides for maximum stability and precision
• Automatic referencing
• Backlash-free storage of the work spindle in precise, life tapered roller bearings
• Fully covered work area
• Constant cutting speed
• Micro processor-controlled monitoring position


• Extensive tool range
• Pneumatic tailstock
• Easy2Operate
• Robotics interface for integration with FFS and CIM systems
• Automatic clamping device
• Minimum quantity lubrication
• Coolant system
• Machine base with swivel table