Teenage Engineering offers up 3D printing hacks for IKEA collection

Teenage Engineering offers up 3D printing hacks for IKEA collection

3D printable hacks from Teenage Engineering.

Swedish product design company Teenage Engineering is enabling customers to 3D print design hacks for its modular lights and speakers collection designed for IKEA.

The company, known for creating quirky audio products such as synthesisers and speakers, has published the 3D CAD files for a number of add-ons to the frekvenscollection, which can be downloaded for free and printed at home.

The frekvens collection is available exclusively in certain IKEA stores and consists of modular LED spotlights and portable speakers, which can be stacked to allow users to build their own unique sound system. They’re also compatible with all teenage engineering synthesisers. The 3D printable hacks include cup holders, stands, mobile phone attachments, carry handles, and wheels to customise your setup even further. You can even turn your speaker into a rooster if you so wish.

In a press release which addresses “all of you that bought a 3D printer but don’t know what to print,” the company explained how it decided to create its own add-ons to make the collection “even more modular and playful.”

This isn’t the first time Teenage Engineering has offered up its design files for 3D printing. Back in 2012, it was one of the first companies to offer replacement parts for its products when, in an effort to counter the high shipping costs associated with replacement parts for its OP-1 Synthesizer, decided to offer the design files via Shapeways’ marketplace.



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