UPrint & Mojo


The Uprint & Mojo from Stratasys provide advanced additive manufacturing capabilities in a small desktop footprint.

Printing in genuine ABSplus thermoplastics provides lifelike and resilient 3D printed models that are ideal for designers, educators and manufacturers. The ability to consistently and accurately print tough, functional prototypes is unrivalled at this price point.

Key Applications for the Uprint & Mojo Range:

  • Concept modelling with high level of accuracy and repeatability in genuine thermoplastics.
  • Functional prototyping with the performance required for real-world testing.
  • Small-scale production of jigs & fixtures to reduce manufacturing costs on the production floor.

If you want reliability in your printer and the models it produces, then the uPrint & Mojo 3D printers from Stratasys are your entry point into the world of additive manufacturing.