iCUTwater PLATINUM – water jet cutting machine

iCUTwater PLATINUM – Water jet machine

Highest demands – without compromise!

With the iCUTwater PLATINUM high-precision and ultra-dynamic linear drives or the pre-integrated abrasive removal system, make no compromise; instead demand precisely those features from a first-class waterjet cutting system that you require for your success. With the maximum machine quality, you are truly equipped for the future.

Do you require multiple cutting heads on an adjustably mounted crossbeam or on individually controlled Z-axes? Automated water level regulation or a tube cutting device? Or even a true 5-axes/3D cutting system with angle error adjustment? We can offer you all conceivable equipment options. Because what are custom solutions for others have long been standard in the range of imes-icore GmbH. Allow us to support you on your path to success. Opt for machine tools from the iCUTwater PLATINUM Water jet cutting range.

iCUTwater PLATINUM- water jet cutting machine
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  • Light barrier / operator protection
  • CNC-controlled Z-axis
  • Table loading 1200 kg/m²
  • Abrasive desludging system
  • Cutting water sedimentation tank
  • Infinitely variable abrasive metering and 200 l
    storage tank
  • Panel position software and additional teach-in
    software module
  • Height sensor with collision protection system
  • Start equipment with diamond nozzle
  • Automatic nesting function
  • Linear motors in X- and Y-axes
  • Granite supports for linear motors in Y-axis
  • Hand-held operating unit with joystick


  • Up to 12 additional cutting heads, on individual motorised
    Z-axes or crossbeams according to preference
  • Stainless steel tanks
  • Machine in chosen colour (RAL)
  • Start-hole drilling machine, shuttle table
  • Various pump types with up to 6200 bar
  • Tube cutting device for diameters from 60 to 250 mm
  • True 5-axis system for angle error adjustment
    and arbitrary adjustable setting angle (± 45˚)
    Optional available is the imes-icore 5-axis water jet cutting head with up +/- 35˚
          or the Powerautomation system with up to +/- 45˚ automatic angle adjustment.

Application examples

  • Glass industry
  • Stone/marble processing
  • Machine construction
  • Shipbuilding
  • Steel construction
  • Workshop operation
  • Aerospace industry
  • Defence engineering/equipment industry
  • Building industry
  • Medical engineering
  • Automotive and automotive supplier industry
  • Packaging and paper industry
  • Food industry
  • Training and education
  • Electrical industry

Typical materials

  • Aluminium
  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Glass/bullet-proof glass
  • Ceramics
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Composite materials
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Additional Information

 Technical data iCUTwater
Machine weight in kg approx. 3500 approx. 4000  approx. 7000
 Machine weight in kg  3080 / 2050 / 250  4080 / 2050 / 250  3080 / 6050 / 250
Speed range (X/Y/Z) 0 – 30.000 mm/min
Repetition accuracy ± 0,01 mm
Drive motors Linear motors (X / Y) and servo motor (Z)
Guides Low-maintenance heavy duty steel ball circulation profile rail guides (X / Y) and linear guides with ball circulation slides (Z)
Drive elements (X/Y/Z) Linear drives (X / Y) and play-free adjustable ball screw (Z)
Connection voltage 400 V / 16 A
Control No
Operation Mobile control panel
Software Cos4Mos software package
Typical materials Aluminium, Ceramic, Composite materials, Glass/bulett-proof glass, Granite, Marble, Stainless steel, Steel
Application examples Aerospace industry, Automotive supplier industry, Building industry, Defence engineering/equipment industry, Electrical industry, Food industry, Glass industry, Machine construction, Medical engineering, Packaging and paper industry, Shipbuilding, Stone/marble processing, Workshop machine
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