Introducing the OverHead CNC-Milling Machine – our flexible space-saving option

Introducing the OverHead CNC-Milling Machine – our flexible space-saving option

How should you find an optimum utilisation of space with minimum space requirements?

Maximum functionality with minimum space requirements is the motto of the OverHead Gantry M. The basic machine can be optimally configured for many sectors and work areas using a variety of variable equipment features and additional options.
The possible applications of the OverHead Gantry M include measuring, testing and metering applications in addition to machining. The power of the milling motor of up to 2.2 kW and 20,000 rpm and a traverse speed up to 250 mm/sec make it suitable for processing wood and plastic as well as light and non-ferrous metals. The free processing area and its excellent price/performance ratio off er decisive benefits compared to similar products.

The OverHead Gantry M is available in four different sizes for different process areas from M20 to M50.

Do you require the control cabinet on the right-hand side or would you prefer the control panel to be on the left?

No problem – we will be happy to accommodate your requirements. And of course we will take care of maintenance and support for your OverHead Gantry M.
Our service technicians can be reached by telephone and can attend to you quickly on-site as needed. In addition, we also off er our in-house isy-CAM 2.8 software and can advise you on your specific application.

Ideally suited for:

  • Machining
  • Testing and measuring
  • Glue dispensing



  • Optimal use of space
  • Free machining area
  • Fixed table, mobil portal
  • Variable clearance of 340- 590 mm
  • Also suitable for a large chip volumes

OverHead CNC-Milling Machine

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